A smooth and comfortable experience designed with optimal safety in mind. Offered by only our top-rated chauffeurs, rest assured your child is in the safest hands with the addition of high-quality Mercedes-Benz KidFix child safety seats for enhanced protection.
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Standard equipment

Your chauffeur will adjust the temperature and music to your preference. Easily access your Wheely amenities in the armrest. Relax with a bottle of water whilst you recharge your phone.

Sports equipment
Musical instruments
Capacity BFL

Kids-class vehicles can comfortably seat three passengers, while the boot has plenty of space for all travel essentials — including up to three suitcases.

Hand-held luggage may also be placed into the front passenger compartment if there is no more space in the rear of the vehicle.

When booking your journey, kindly leave a comment for your chauffeur if you have any fragile items to be specially handled and stored.

Size, dimensions
3×Cabin55×40×25 cm
or 2×Medium (M)66×44×27 cm
or 1×Large (L)75×52×31 cm
or 1×Extra Large (XL)81×55×36 cm

Maximum allowable amount of each type of luggage, based on average luggage sizes from Rimowa, Samsonite, and Away.

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Entrust a top-rated chauffeur to transport children to and from school, equipped with a child safety seat.
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