Chauffeur-driven business travel

Cross-city trips taking staff to a meeting. Airport transfers for your executives. A fleet to whisk delegates to and from your event. Wheely offers organisations a smooth, discreet and flexible form of business travel both on-demand and in advance.
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Book on behalf of others

Request superior quality vehicles and highly professional chauffeurs on behalf of employees, clients and partners to make business travel more flexible, comfortable and effortless.

Allow employees to book direct

The Wheely smartphone app allows your employees to request a chauffeur on-demand and in advance, all within set monthly limits and charged directly to your business account.

No more expense reports

A single monthly invoice is settled by the card securely linked to your account, freeing your employees from the time and cost of completing expense reports and submitting receipts. Larger corporate clients may opt for invoices to be sent to their accounting departments.

Easy to manage

A clear, online dashboard makes it easy to add members of staff to your account, set monthly limits, and view journey overviews including times, locations, service options, and costs.

Open a Corporate Account

Please use the form below to express your interest and notify the team. After completing the form, a member of the Wheely corporate team will promptly get in touch with you.