Chauffeur For a Day

Members only · London, Paris, Dubai
A new essential: select patrons may now reserve their chauffeur for up to an entire day — bringing unparalleled freedom and convenience to a full schedule.

We have created an exclusive new service for our most discerning passengers: the ability to make bookings for up to a full day at a flat hourly rate, directly through the Wheely app.

Reclaim your precious time, enjoy more productivity, and improve your comfort as your chauffeur watches your belongings, handles diverse errands, and ensures you are never left waiting between appointments. This unique service is available both on demand and via scheduled bookings.

Freedom of Movement

Having the same trusted chauffeur throughout the day allows you to leave extra belongings with them between stops — from bags to umbrellas to coats. They can also fetch items from your home or office, ensuring you always have what you need — and only what you need — at every appointment.

Trusted Assistance

While you tend to your affairs, your chauffeur can recoup your time by assisting with errands and other logistics — whether that’s handling your dry-cleaning, delivering sensitive documents, or picking up a loved one to join you for dinner in ultimate comfort.

Full Flexibility

Book your extended journey directly and instantly in the Wheely app, where you can also leave any instructions for your chauffeur to let them personalise your experience.

Early access to this exclusive new feature has been unlocked for a limited group of valued patrons across all the cities we operate in. For your convenience, any regular journeys that extend beyond three hours will also be automatically converted to this service. Your fare will be based on a lower hourly rate, excepting modest distance surcharges for longer journeys.

Book your Chauffeur for a Day in the Wheely app

White-gloved service for the entire day. On days when every task takes priority, rest assured that you are ours.