Authorisations and Charges

We authorise a set amount on your payment card before and during your journey to confirm and reserve available funds. The actual charge is based on the final cost and is deducted from the authorised amount. Any remaining funds are returned to your bank account.

Release of authorised funds and refunds may take up to 2–3 weeks to process and appear in your bank account. If the funds are still unavailable in your bank account after this time, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Why do I see this as a charge?

Although this is a held amount, which is not debited from your card, some banks may show the transaction as a charge.

How do I know that the authorised amount is back on my card?

Banks usually do not notify you about this. After a certain time, the funds will become available in your account again. You can track this using a bank account statement.

Why have I got several authorisations?

If the actual cost exceeds the initial authorised amount, we authorise another amount in order to continue your journey.

Why was I charged in advance?

For advance booking, we authorise the amount 48 hours before the scheduled time to confirm available funds and secure the cost.

What happens if I cancel the journey?

If you cancel within the first 5 minutes after your chauffeur starts heading to your pickup point, there’s no charge and the full authorised amount is returned. However, if you cancel later or once your chauffeur has arrived, a cancellation fee, reflective of the selected fare class, will be taken from the authorised amount. Any remaining balance will be promptly released back to your card.